Why You Need Google Street View ?

Let’s face it, Google dominates the world of search and finding businesses. Even if a business is found somewhere else, the mapping is often done on Google. Android phones do everything Google. If you want to be found, you should probably have a presence on Google.

Google Street View is the way to get your business recognized and promoted. It shows up in local search results, on Google maps, on your Google plus page, and your Google local page. Anyone looking for your business with Google will see the opportunity to come in and look around from the comfort of their computer or mobile device.

As further incentive, Google is promoting this service more and more. Businesses are catching on, and the businesses who get it first will get ahead. As Google continues to add and promote features involving Google Street View, you have the opportunity to be ahead of the competition. Besides having Google on your side, how else does Google Street View benefit your business?



Projecting the right image is crucial

for positioning yourself in the marketplace and establishing brand identity

As a Google trusted photographer, I can put your small business on the map, a Google map. Can photograph your business providing a virtual tour to your potential customers after allowing your customers to virtually enter your front door from Google's street view. 

Watch Roland Med.

contribution to Street View